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A new festival is about to erupt in Iceland

The first edition of Freyjufest takes place January 21st 2023 at Harpa in downtown Reykjavik. It features 6 acts that are all making waves on the international jazz scene. From explosive veterans of the Avant Garde scene such as Myra Melford and Angelika Niescier, to the major new talents in Nordic jazz such as Anna Gréta and Ingibjörg Turchi. Throw into the mix a trumpetist/goat horn player from the Norwegian fjords and an arranger from the Swiss Alps this event is not to be missed.


Tickets are available for either the day concerts, evening concerts or a full festival pass that includes all the concerts.
Day Pass 5200 //  Evening pass 5200 // Festival Pass 8000

Harpa kvöld.jpg

The Venue

Kaldalón in Harpa provides the perfect balance of acoustics and intimacy for everything from solo performers to big bands.

Kaldalón tónleikar-2.jpg

The Movement

Infatuate Yourself

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